Avoiding Picky Eaters:

Effective Transitioning to Solids

Nutrition in the first 1,000 days has neurodevelopmental and long term mental health implications. Pediatric RD Cinthia Scott will teach parents how to transition to solids in a way that establishes healthy eating habits from the start.
Pediatric Nutrition – Cinthia Scott


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Get Access for $9.99

Avoid picky eaters from the start.

In this condensed masterclass you will learn about:

Cinthia Scott – Wellby Expert

Get Access for $9.99

Meet The Expert

Cinthia Scott, Pediatric Dietician
Cinthia is a board Certified Dietician and Certified Lactation Consultant specializing in infant through toddler care. Her science-based methodology and first-hand experience as a mother make her a credible teacher to all new (or second time) parents.

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