Krystyna Holland (she/her)
Pelvic Floor Health
Denver, Colorado, United States
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Areas of focus

New Mamas

Postnatal Pelvic Floor Health


Prenatal Pelvic Floor Health


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Georgia State University
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (B.S.) from The College of William and Mary

My Story

My journey as a provider started as a patient. Frustrations with my own medical treatment, including feeling unheard, short appointment times, and one-size-fits-all treatment have shaped the way I show up with other people and my passion for trauma informed care.

I have seen how healthcare discrepancies impact patient care and experience, and I started Inclusive Care to provide quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of their position on the gender identity spectrum. I also have experience working with transgender folks after gender affirmation surgery.

I wish everyone knew about pelvic health and how it relates to having pleasurable sex, healthy pregnancies, strength and stability, and staying dry, which is why I put out information on social media and host interactive workshops.

I know first hand the power of pelvic floor health education and how it can build confidence in your ability to stop having painful sex, stop leaking, and start living.


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“Fortunately I had been directed to Krystyna, the absolute best pelvic floor physical therapist! She has a wonderful disposition, incredible knowledge, clear intuition and a passion for pelvic floor health. After meeting with Krystyna I am pain free and eager to highly recommend her to anyone with pelvic floor concerns.”

“Dr. Krystyna Holland is exactly what the community needs when it comes to a caring, professional, and passionate pelvic floor PT. She combines the perfect balance of empathy and humour during her appointments, and she works hard to get her clients back to the activities that bring them joy. She is a huge ally for LGBTQIA+ individuals, so she makes everyone feel incredibly welcome. I highly recommend her.”

“Dr. Holland is a passionate powerhouse on a mission to educate you about your pelvic floor! She talks about the body in a clear and confident way, and without shame or embarrassment. We should all learn more about this crucial piece of the body puzzle, and especially if you've had a baby!”

“Dr. Holland knows her stuff and makes sometimes awkward and embarrassing conversations easy and comfortable. She will always do more than asked for her clients and she is an incredible resource if you're just looking for basic information or looking for a comprehensive physical therapist. Highly recommend.”

“I mainly scheduled an appointment with her because I wanted to improve my pelvic floor health prior to possibly having kids one day, and I was having occasional pelvic pain. The pain is so much better, and I am so surprised at how quickly my body has responded. I feel so supported, and I feel like I can talk to her about anything. I am so glad that I found her!”