Win Against Wet Underwear: Female Leakage

Sneezing, coughing, laughing, and running water often become triggers of incontinence and 4 in 10 women suffer during pregnancy. Unfortunately for many, the problem doesn’t go away after birth (especially those who deliver vaginally). Jeanice Mitchell, PT and Founder of nonprofit My PFM will help you fix the problem before it takes over your life.
Pelvic Floor Health Jeanice Mitchell


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Get Access for $9.99
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Jeanice Mitchell – Wellby Expert
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Meet The Expert

Jeanice Mitchell, Wellby Pelvic Floor Health Expert

Jeanice Mitchell is a pelvic health Physical Therapist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. She founded Integrity Rehab, a Medicare certified outpatient rehab agency with 5 Texas locations in 2001. She currently serves as President of Integrity Rehab. She co-founded Integrity Home Health, a Medicare certified home health agency in 2004, founded myPFM, a non-profit pelvic health public service campaign in 2018 and is currently serves as administrator of Integrity Home Health.

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