Hypnobirthing and Birth Body Preparation

Midwife – Marley Hall


Get Access for $69.99
Get Access for $69.99
Purpose of this hypnobirthing course is to:

This hypnobirthing course has 33 lessons designed to support you with information and techniques for remaining calm so you can enjoy (and remember) your birth experience. The goal of hypnobirthing is to reprogram your mindset and use breathing techniqeus for birth to reduce fear and increase confidence.

Knowledge you gain from this course will help you make informed decisions about your birth including intervensions and leave you unafraid of the intensity of surges (contractions). Hypnobirthing has been proven to shorten labour.

Marley Hall – Wellby Expert
Get Access for $69.99

Watch everything you need to know about hypnobirthing and preparing for birth at your own pace.

1.1 Hello & welcome!
1.2 Hypnobirthing & it’s history
1.3 Birth story
1.4 Factors that can impact your birth experience
1.5 What is a positive birth?

2.1 Understanding The Mind
2.2 The Uterus & Cervix
2.3 Positive Effects of Oxytocin
2.4 The Negative Effects of Adrenaline in Labour
2.5 The Fear, Tension, Pain Cycle of Childbirth

3.1 Up Breathing
3.2 Down Breathing For Birth
3.3 The Countdown Visualisation Technique
3.4 Massage For Birth

4.1 What is informed choice?
4.2 The B.R.A.I.N Acronym
4.3 Positions for labour & birth
4.4 Induction of Labour
4.6 Getting Baby Head Down

5.1 The Birth Environment
5.2 Am I In Labour?
5.3 Early Labour
5.4 Up Stage & Transition
5.5 Down Stage – Birthing Your Baby
5.6 The Placenta
5.7 Delayed Cord Clamping
5.8 The Golden Hour

6.1 Foods To Help Your Uterus & Cervix
6.2 Perineal massage

7.1 Hypnobirthing Preferences (Editable Birth Plan)
7.2 Course Manual including daily schedule
7.3 Your Hypnobirthing Download Kit

Meet The Expert

Marley Hall, Wellby Midwife and Hypnobirthing Expert
As a midwife for over 11 years in the UK, Marley has taking the lead on delivering hundreds of births. She also has hands-on experience as a mother of 5 children of her own. She is pro-choice when it comes to medical interventions and wants every birth person to have the tools to achieve the best possible experience by changing the way they view birth.

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