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Sex and Your Vagina: Pregnant & Postpartum Bodies
Your vagina and your sex life go through a LOT in pregnancy and postpartum.
Krystyna Holland will take you on the journey and give helpful information to set you up for success.

In this condensed masterclass you will learn about:
– Pregnancy anatomy and hormonal changes
– Benefits and risks of sex during pregnancy
– Position recommendations
– What the hell your vagina will look like postpartum
– Expectations for post labour sex
– Causes for concern and when to see a specialist

Final 15 minutes include an open Q & A with Krystyna (paid ticketholders receive priority).

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Advocate For Yourself in Pregnancy & Labour
Birth Doula and Host of Miraculous Mamas Elizabeth Presta will empower
you to become an advocate for yourself and your baby during pregnancy and labour.

As a hospital and home birth Doula, Elizabeth will empower you with the information that often gets missed from the short prenatal appointments including:
– How to ask yourself and doctors the tough questions surrounding your labour and birth options
– Get the most out of your partner/labour support physically and emotionally
– Know the stats and facts surrounding interventions, epidurals, c-sections, inductions, and more
– Begin to develop a birth plan that is informed
Final 15 minutes include an open Q & A with Elizabeth (paid ticket holders receive priority).

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Ending Power Struggles: Transforming Toddlerhood
Getting your toddler dressed, fed, or bathed does not have to feel like
you are going into battle – it’s time to end your power struggle. Toddler and Life Design CC Devon Kuntzman is founder of Transforming Toddlerhood. She has helped hundreds of parents across 3 continents improve their relationship with your child(ren).

In this condensed masterclass you will learn:
– Why developmental drive creates power struggles
– Myths and shocking truths about power struggles
– How to prevent these battles with toilet learning, mealtimes, bedtime
– A vital mindset shift
– Tactical tools to implement now

Final 15 minutes include an open Q & A with Devon (paid ticketholders receive priority).

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Avoiding Picky Eaters: Effective Transitioning to Solids
Nutrition in the first 1,000 days has neurodevelopmental and long term
mental health implications. Pediatric RD Cinthia Scott will teach parents how to transition to solids in a way that establishes healthy eating habits from the start.

In this condensed masterclass you will learn about:
– Responsive feeding
– Identifying readiness
– Gagging vs. choking
– Purees vs. baby Led weaning
– Properly serving finger foods
– Foods for multiple phases between 6 and 12 months

Final 15 minutes include an open Q & A with Cinthia (paid ticket holders receive priority).

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Win Against Wet Underwear – Female Leakage
Knowledge is power. Understanding the causes of leakage and simple techniques for how to stop getting wet underwear during pregnancy, after birth, or anytime.
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Thriving Toddler – Potty Training Starter Session
Identifying signs of readiness and preparing yourself and your toddler for potty training.
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Hypnobirthing and Birth Body Preparation

Marley Hall

Everything you need to know about preparing for birth including methods to decrease pain naturally and how to enjoy your birthing experience.
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The Complete Postpartum Course

Dr. Courtney Amerin and Katie Katie Danielson

A holistic course to prepare mothers for their own physical and emotional experience plus comprehensive guidance on how to care for a newborn baby.
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Navigating Perimenpause, Menopause, & Beyond
Definitions and insights about hormones and nutritional deficiency. Answers to the most popular questions women ask including sex, sleep, mood swings, vitamins, and more.
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The Vagina Dialogues
A guide on how to take care of your vagina and both prevention and treatment of vaginal dryness.
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